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50 Years of international claims settlement

Elfriede And Josef Franz Pscheidl 

After the Second World War, Josef Franz Pscheidl founded a transport company with vehicles he built himself from former Wehrmacht stocks.

In the early 1950s, however, there was virtually no insurance option for damage to the company’s own trucks as a result of international traffic accidents. Josef Franz Pscheidl then saw the need for action and, on his initiative, the first Austrian transport employers’ association was founded, dealing mainly with insurance issues. In 1958, he founded the first international claims settlement company in Austria and, in 1973, he founded AFES AG in Liechtenstein.

In 1978, the first subsidiary of AFES AG was founded in Turkey. Greece and Italy followed in the 1980s. In the 1990s, subsidiaries were established in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Tunisia, and Romania. The subsidiaries in Germany and Spain were founded at the beginning of the new millennium, and the Moldovan company was founded in 2013.

After the death of Josef Franz Pscheidl in 2007, the shares of his companies were transferred to his heirs. In 2019, his widow, Mrs. Elfriede Pscheidl, founded the Coberny Foundation, to which she dedicated her shares in the company. In 2023, the Coberny Foundation acquired the remaining shares of AFES AG.