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Company philosophy

Employment Stability

Many of our current managing directors in all countries started their careers with the company under its founder, Josef Franz Pscheidl. His son, Dr. Dieter Pscheidl, was also able to take care of his employees and customers with his experience and charismatic management style. The enthusiasm with which a team was created to provide services on the insurance market is still present in the company and with our customers today.


Our employees, who have been with the company for many years, receive continuous training in order to be able to effectively provide expertise to our clients, as well as to authorised parties or beneficiaries of insurance claims. In-house lawyers assist with settling claims in order to check and ensure quality. Thanks to our close contacts with colleagues, institutions, and clients, we exchange information with professional contacts at an international scale.


We always strive to execute the agreed order without delay, so that no money is spent on lost time. We understand the claim as a misfortune for the affected person, which we have to handle in an appropriate and professional way, in order to achieve fair compensation for the damage. We provide the customer with the necessary information: not only what is requested, but also what needs to be known in order to comply with the applicable technical standards.


We develop new business areas in order to offer services that increase the added value for our customers. In doing so, we see it as a challenge to seize market opportunities together with our customers.


Reliability is one of the cornerstones of our business relationship with customers and partners. While many of our clients have placed their trust in us for decades, each service we provide is a renewed commitment to perform our work with due care.